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  1. I am waiting patiently for this password issue to be fixed. I cannot wait to start testing.
  2. Personally I think the scrolling texts moves too fast for these old eyes.
  3. Baj


    Hi! I am Baj. I am a part of the Staff team and I can pass messages along to the rest of the staff or developers. I am currently helping MachoNachos on the development with the server by providing him feedback on what things should be in the server or shouldn't be. As soon as the server goes live I will be testing to find bugs, and notify the developers of what may need to be fixed. All in all I am excited for this project to go live to pk and pvm with all of you!
  4. Baj


    Suggestion: for runecrafting skill cape: rather than having it act as a tiara, you should be able to teleport to the abyss a certain amount of times during the day. As for the rest of the teleports I think it should be 5 or 10 teleports to make it worth someones while.
  5. Looking forward to this and to watch it grow!
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