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  2. These are just notes. Will be adding ID #'s to simplify these as well. A lot more to come in the upcoming weeks. -won't let you smith steel/or it's doing the same thing as iron where it's smithed at a %. if that's the case the % is way too high -BOB/BOB's AXES -both pickaxe/axe up to Rune added -Zeke's Scimitar shop/AL KHARID -should have scimitar's up to Rune -Make sure all General Stores have the same items/one box for all -Thessalia's Clothing Store/VARROCK -add fremmenik cloaks -adjust stats of green cloak +3 Range/+1 defensive -adjust stats of red cloak +2 str/+1 defensive -adjust stats of blue cloak +3 magic/+1 defensive -Zaff's Superior Staves/Varrock -Add elemental Battlestaves to the shop -Potentially might be nice to add runes -Up the amount of staves from 10 to 50 (High Alchemy) -Sell Mystic armor in this shop -Sell wands up to Teacher in this shop -Add ghostly (pures) - unless u wanted to add miniquest -Lowe's Archery Emporium/VARROCK -Arrows up to rune -Increase sale amount from 100/30 to 1000 -Bows up to magic this is no exception -Increase sale amount from 10 to 100 (High Alch) -Add green d'hide - black d'hide -Add Studded Chest/studded chaps -?Add Crossbows? -?Add ranger set? -Horviks Platebody Shop/VARROCK -Have armors with kiteshields and full helms up to rune -take out sq shields, med helms -take out studded body/chaps -Aubury/VARROCK -Rune stores should really just all be the same sets of runes and amounts imo -5k elemental/body/mind -1k every other rune -Varrock Sword Shop -All swords/longswords up to rune -Winelda/Apothecary VARROCK -Make her a store -Starter potions -str/att/prayer @ 10 count - slow replenish -Romeo/VARR - Hans/LUMB - OSMAN/ALKHARID - Nurses from D/ -could be used as a "replenish" NPC without the quest for romeo & juliet. -when clicked and talked to replenishes run/health/prayer and restores stats from levels that have been drained -Lumbridge Guide -hands a newcomer map to the player as well as a welcome -item ID: 550 ITEM DROPS -Chickens -Drop 30 feathers each/not randomized (fletching/fishing) -Goblins -Golin mail (can sell to general store for 10k/ea) -arrows (bronze/iron) -runes (elemental, mind, body) @ good counts -bread -bronze-iron spears -coins 50-150? - -Cows -Noted Cowhides instead of unnoted
  3. Hello this is dug. Here to improve a server with good friends and good bonds. HMU i gotchu.
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